ACA (Affordable Care Act) Health Care Exchange

At the Bullock Agency, we give you access to our trade partners who are experts in the ACA Health Care Exchange. Whether you are in Utah or outside, our partners can easily help you enroll or answer those tough questions about today’s health care options.

Husband, Wife, daughter, son

Legal Shield / Identity Theft

At the Bullock Agency we give you easy access to LegalShield, a company that has been offering legal service plans for 40 years, protecting 1.4 million families. The unexpected need for legal advice can arise at any time, and with LegalShield on your side, you’ll have access to a quality law firm for as little as $20 a month. From letters written on your behalf to document review, speeding tickets to will preparation, and more, our attorneys are here to provide legal advice — no matter how traumatic or how trivial it may seem.

In addition we offer Identity protection for you and your family. Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. LegalShield offers two high quality identity theft plans to help protect and restore your identity. LegalShield Identity Theft Plan provides standard identity monitoring and the Identity Theft Premium Plan provides more comprehensive monitoring. Best of all, both services provide Comprehensive Identity Restoration from Kroll. So in the unfortunate event that your identity is compromised you’ll have professional help in getting it restored. To ensure your entire family is protected, the LegalShield plans cover you, your spouse, and up to 8 dependent children under the age of eighteen. With our legal service plans you will be protected and empowered to worry less and live more.