Why Supplemental Insurance?

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Have health insurance? Great! But how will you pay Copays? Deductibles? Mortgage or rent? Supplemental insurance makes sure you get paid so you can pay your bills.  (Play video now.)

Bullock Agency Overview

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We deliver first class customer service, treating our clients with loving compassion.  We help you pick the best plan, then analyze your claims to find every dollar you deserve.  (Play video now.)

Services Offered

Supplemental Health Insurance

The Bullock Agency facilitates coverage that protects your family’s financial well-being during a medical crisis. Cash benefits are paid directly to the policyholder; use them as you see fit! Read More…


Having difficulty finding the right Dental Coverage? Let The Bullock Agency help! We give you a choice of carriers and affordable coverage that best suits your family’s needs. Read More…

Life Insurance

Most Americans carry no life insurance…Don’t be one of them! At the Bullock Agency we help our clients choose the best Life Insurance options for their needs. Read More…

LegalShield / Identity Theft

At the Bullock Agency we give you easy access to LegalShield, which has been offering legal service plans for 40 years, protecting 1.4 million families. Read More…

Healthiest You

Whether you are healthy or sick, the Healthiest You service can enhance your well-being. It provides a variety of services to help you save money, become healthier, and get the medical care you need. Read More…

With the Bullock Agency, you’ll receive the following:

  • Greater security and peace of mind

  • An affordable custom package based on your needs

  • Extra coverage

  • Enhanced employee benefit package

  • First class customer service

  • Protection for your family.


Why Do People Love Bullock Agency - Testimonials CombinedTed Erickson Bullock Agency Testimonial

Why Clients Love Us

Meet some of our customers and hear their stories. We care about each one and appreciate their sharing.

Ted Erickson Testimonial

Ted Erickson from Cache Valley Bank shares his story about supplemental insurance and its benefit when he got cancer.

Bart Caley Bullock Agency TestimonialReynolds Family Bullock Agency Testimonial

Bart Caley Testimonial

Bart Caley from Alpine Cleaning and Restoration talks about using supplemental insurance.

The Reynolds Family

The Reynolds family tells their story about battling cancer with their son and how The Bullock Agency was able to help them.


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