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Meet some of our customers and hear their stories. We care about each one and appreciate their sharing.

We know that health insurance alone is not enough.  We’ve dedicated over 30 years to help our customers “get cash benefits quick when they are injured or sick” which keeps the bill collectors away. The Bullock Agency is your partner when Benefits Matter Most!

What People Who Have Worked With Us Have To Say 

We carry only the top rated companies and with a reputation for first class customer service. Let us be your choice when it comes to your specific insurance needs.

“My wife and I decided to add some supplemental insurance to our portfolio and Brett was our choice of who to use. He was thoughtful and patient as we made the choice to move forward.

We decided on adding an accident policy as we have young children that always seem to get injured a couple times a year. The day our policy went live our daughter fell and broke her arm. As unhappy as that accident made us, having the supplemental policy did add a level of comfort. A few weeks later, we had all the paperwork together to file the claim and found out that the policy wasn’t in effect on the date Brett told us, it was actually to take effect 2 weeks later. Brett and his office took the problem in full stride and made the necessary phone calls to make sure the claim was paid as promised.

They have earned my business for life! Brett Bullock is a man of his word and stands for what he says. It has been a pleasure doing business with him!”

Randy Fischer

I am a cancer survivor.

Cancer struck hard and fast for me. One day I had gone to the gym in the morning and work all day, and the next day I was getting transfusions and spent 3 weeks in the hospital getting a diagnosis and going through hell. My wife and I decided years ago that we would pay the small amount for Cancer insurance in the hope we would never have to use it. But life comes at you like a freight train sometimes and it did. When we got our first claim check in the mail we both got emotional as it was a comfort to know we wouldn’t have to worry about all the expenses associated with the Cancer like time off work – both me and my wife so she could take care of me, a lot of travel, and keeping groceries on the shelf.

The Bullock agency not only ‘sold’ the policy, but they were extremely helpful during this terrible time of life for us in processing the claims quickly. We took in the plethora of bills and medical information and just left it with them. They sorted through it and made the claims. All we had to do was cash the checks when they came!

It has been over a year now and I am still cancer free. I continue to maintain my family policy so these worries will always be covered.

Ted Erekson

“I was diagnosed with cancer almost a year ago. Over a period of nine months, I radiation and chemo treatments coupled with numerous x-rays, MRI’s, Pet scans, and blood work. Without my cancer policy purchased through the Bullock Agency, I would have lost my bank account and my home. The caring agents and staff took care of filing my claims so I would receive a prompt payout. I was able to pay my mortgage, buy groceries, travel for my treatments, and take care of the bills that had three surgeries, my health insurance didn’t.

Suzanne N.

“I purchased a Cancer policy through the Bullock Agency several years ago, hoping I never would need it. My husband and I used our wellness benefits every year. During one of my wellness check ups three years ago, I was diagnosed with two different kinds of breast cancer. I was glad that we had a policy that paid us to have those check ups and sent me benefits for the surgery, mileage, and for after care. They even sent me additional money that built up for all the years I had it when I was first diagnosed.

Mena N.

“I have appreciated the Bullock Agency and their support staff, especially when submitting a claim. They make the process easy and painless.

Dustin W.

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