accidentHoliday Accidents

Thanksgiving is a day for Football for a lot of Americans. Whether it’s watching the professionals, or taking part in a local Turkey Bowl, the game is big here. Football is a pretty dangerous sport. Accidents are common, especially in amateur games.  And football isn’t the only danger during the holiday season.  Cold weather and ice can lead to falls.  House cleaning projects can lead to injuries.  How do you protect yourself?

Supplemental Insurance Policies

supplemental insurance policy If you have an accident, it’s going to cost you money. A visit to a doctor’s office or the ER can rack up bills pretty quick.  A normal health insurance policy will cover some of it, but there are always additional costs.  There are travel time and the cost of gas, money lost from missing work, and many other things you’ll find the basic health insurance policies miss out on.

That’s why supplemental insurance policies are so helpful. For as little as $35-$45 a month, we can provide additional coverage that can help you out in many ways. Here’s how!

1. Accident Coverage

Bullock Agency’s supplemental insurance policies are the top selling in the nation because of the range of coverage we offer.  Whether it’s an accident at an amateur sporting event, or an injury around the house or policy will cover treatments, x-rays, follow-ups, and much more.  With our policy, you won’t have to worry about that Turkey Bowl getting out of hand.  If you get hurt, we’ll be a shoulder to lean on.

2. Hospitalization

A quick visit to the hospital can be expensive. A prolonged stay can be a financial nightmare.  Health insurance may cover some of the costs, but if your stay goes on for an unexpected length of time, it may not be enough.  Our policies can get you anywhere from $500 to up to $3,000 to give you an extra buffer.

3. Short-Term Disabilities

If you break your leg, you don’t go back to work right away.  Even after the initial hospital stay, you may be out of work for a few weeks to a few months before you’re back at full capacity.  Even if your health insurance covers the medical bills, the money you lost while you had to be off your feet is completely ignored.  With our supplemental policies, we can help you get some extra cash to cover your needs while you recover.

4. Wellness Benefits

Health Insurance tends to be about fixing what’s broken.  After you get sick, or after you have that accident, the health insurance pays out to help you with your bills.  Sometimes, though, the best way to fix something is to not break it in the first place.  Our supplemental policies cover preventative measures, like health exams, bloodwork, and cancer screenings.  That way, you can stay healthy instead of needing to get healthy.


ProtectionYou Come First

Bullock Agency’s benefits are paid directly to the policyholder.  The cash goes directly to you, so you can use it how you see fit.  We cover you and your family, helping you maintain financial well-being during a medical crisis.  Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you.